Full Metal Cast Crowns

Experience the strength and beauty of full metal cast crowns with our premium metal alloy restoration solution. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our full metal cast crowns offer superior aesthetics and durability for dental clinics.


A full metal cast crown, also known as a metal crown or metal alloy crown, is a type of dental crown made entirely of metal alloy without any porcelain or ceramic covering. These crowns are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. Full metal cast crowns are often used in areas of the mouth where the forces of biting and chewing are most intense, such as the back molars. While they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as porcelain fused to metal crowns or all-ceramic crowns, full metal cast crowns are a reliable and cost-effective option for restoring damaged or decayed teeth, especially in cases where strength and longevity are the primary concerns.

Turnaround time
  • Traditional Restorations
    14 days
  • Intraoral Scans
    10 days
  • Setup & Process, CoCr
    14 days
  • Reline, Repairs, Tooth Addition
    2 days
  • Wax Rims, Custom Trays
    5 days
  • Mouthguards
    5 days
  • Essix Retainers, Whitening Trays
    2 days
  • Splints
    14 days
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The Perfect Full Metal Cast Crown for Your Patients' Needs

Gold Alloy Crowns

Gold alloy crowns are made from a mixture of gold, copper, and other metals. They are known for their biocompatibility, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Gold alloy crowns are gentle on opposing teeth and are often used in areas of the mouth where aesthetics are not a primary concern, such as the back molars.

Non-Precious Metal Alloy Crowns

Non-precious metal alloy crowns are made from metals like or cobalt-chromium alloys. These crowns are more affordable than gold alloy crowns but still offer good strength and durability. They are commonly used in cases where cost is a primary consideration.

Semi-Precious Metal Alloy Crowns

Precious metal alloy crowns are made from metals like platinum or palladium. These crowns are known for their biocompatibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion. Precious metal alloy crowns are typically used in situations where a high level of strength and durability is required, such as for patients with bruxism (teeth grinding) or in areas of the mouth with limited space.

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Advantages of Full Metal Cast Crowns

Strength & Durability

Full cast metal crowns are highly durable and can withstand heavy biting forces, making them ideal for restoring back teeth that endure significant pressure during chewing.

Minimal tooth reduction

Metal crowns require less removal of the natural tooth structure compared to other types of crowns, preserving more of the healthy tooth.


Metal alloys used in full cast metal crowns are generally well-tolerated by the body, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of Full Metal Cast Crowns


Full cast metal crowns are not tooth-coloured and may not be as aesthetically pleasing as porcelain or ceramic crowns, especially for visible front teeth.

Thermal Conductivity

Metal crowns can conduct hot and cold temperatures, which may cause sensitivity in some individuals.

Wear on Opposing Teeth

The metal surface of the crown can potentially wear down opposing teeth over time due to its hardness.

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